About Us

My name is Chao, as the founder of Pretty U&Me, my journey began in the heart of Shaoxing, a place so deeply intertwined with the essence of pearls that they became a staple of everyday life. Surrounded by the unique waterways and rich history of what many call the Venice of the East, I grew up in a world where the serene beauty of pearls adorned everything from our jewelry to our clothing buttons. This upbringing, in an environment where elegance was woven into the fabric of daily life, planted the seed for a vision I would grow to share with the world.

Believing deeply that pearl jewelry should not be confined to the realms of luxury but should be a celebration of beauty and grace every day, I founded Pretty U&Me. Our mission is to bring a modern approach to pearl jewelry, making it accessible, contemporary, and infused with a natural elegance that feels effortless. In our collections—Pearl Lovers, Flower Lovers, and Nature Stone Lovers—each piece tells a story, a homage to the elements of nature that have always inspired me. My love for nature, a passion that finds its roots in my days of gardening and crafting, breathes life into every design, blending the brilliance of flowers with the timeless elegance of pearls. This is the essence behind our slogan: "Brilliant and Elegant."

I invite you to delve into the essence of our origins at Pretty U&Me, to wrap yourself in the elegance of nature, and to carry with you a story of beauty that transcends time. Choosing a piece from our collections means embracing more than just jewelry; it's about holding a piece of a dream, a fragment of history, and a touch of the natural world, all crafted with love and meant to be cherished.

Welcome to Pretty U&Me, where I celebrate the brilliance and elegance within each of us, every day.